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“Learn Spanish now!” is a phrase that has been uttered to few people in the last few years with the increase in American companies opening facilities in Mexico. There is a great need for people to learn different languages if they want to go to other countries and adapt.

Does Your Employer Do Business in Mexico?

If you get assigned to work in another country, whether it is to run a facility, manage an office, or just try and conduct business meetings, there is a need to learn the native language.

Many people get the assignments in Mexico and their mentality is they need to “learn Spanish now.” I met a man in an airport and this was the situation he was in. He had been reassigned to Mexico and he had no knowledge of the language, the culture, or the customs.

This can be a very scary thought. He told me the first step was to learn Spanish as quickly as he could. Then he would be able to communicate and that would make it easier for him to adapt to the culture.

It is funny when you think about doing business in a foreign land. The world is so vast and different. There are so many customs and ways that different countries do the same thing.

Ways to Learn Spanish Now

One way to help yourself get accustomed to using Spanish is to look for ways you can use it in your everyday life.

  • Go to the Spanish channel on your television or order your favorite movie in Spanish.  You will be surprised at how you will start comprehending Spanish more and more after you do this.
  • Watching Spanish soap operas is a big help, because all of the dialogue is also acted out through large and obvious gestures by the actors.
  • Listening to Spanish radio will help as well. At first, it will be way too fast for you to understand, and you might think that you never will, but keep it at, and eventually you may comprehend more than you thought was possible.
  • Another thing you can while watching and listing to these media tools, is to write down any words that you don’t understand.  Then you can go look them up later.
    This way you can learn words that you didn’t even know you needed to learn.  Some of these words might be very useful to add to your new Spanish vocabulary. You can even pick up some frequently used phrases to use.  These inventive ways can help you maximize your Spanish language education and make it more interesting at the same time.
  • You can also try reading the newspaper in Spanish, especially the comic strip section.  Be aware though, just like foods vary from culture to culture, humor does as well. You may not get all of the jokes at first!  This way you can also learn a little more about the culture as well, and you may soon be chuckling at those comics as well.

If you need to learn Spanish now, just dive it into it.  Find new and interesting ways to utilize the language, and you will have it down in no time!

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